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Review of “Ned Finally Died”

(image from amazon) To start off this is an adult children’s book which is a completely interesting genre to me. While having a deep meaning throughout the book, which in total is not long, it was shown in a short, and fast paced book. The great thing about this genre is that it is very easy to see what is going on and does not beat around the bush.

 Denise @JonesMarquith shows powerful language, and imagery to help the reader follow along with the book. It is a completely different concept to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. If you need a short reading that does not hold back on emotions or imagery this is definitely the book for you. I will be adding where you can buy it. I have also linked her twitter up earlier! Give her a follow and buy the book to see the magic behind the words and images put together. 

When you buy it let me know what you think. I would love to know how you view this genre!


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