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Review of “Moonsick”

Recently I got the amazing experience to go to AWP20 where I met some great people, and also bought A TON of books. With that being said, I bought a book from Korbin Jones, where I met him and he was able to tell me about his poetry book.

“Moonsick” by Korbin Jones is a poetry book around 20 pages that is in the form of an epic poem. This poetry book explains, in beautiful language, his first queer experience and how it develops from the beginning. 

Jones becomes very vulnerable through his poetry and opens himself up to the reader in a way to express his emotions about this experience. His experience was graphic but not in a vulgar way, he exposed a new part of himself to the reader. 

Jones used vivid, but mystical language in a way to not fully come out to say anything, but also left nothing to the imagination. I would recommend reading this poetry book if you are into epic poems, and ones that pull at people’s weaknesses, as well as what makes them strong.


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