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Review of Werewolf Nights

Hi everyone! This week I read Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill. This book takes place in a small village that revels in their werewolf history. When a movie production comes to town everyone is very intrigued to see what is going to happen to their small town. 

We follow Catherine who owns a bakery and grew up in town. She has lost two men so far in her life and is terrified when a new love interest comes to town. Catherine has blocked off a lot of her life, and so it is pretty surprising when she tries out for the lead part of the movie. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away because of some of the plot twists. 

So let’s jump right into the review! The book starts off with a little history lesson about the town and werewolves. This is super fun since werewolves are different in each book. I think this really helped understand the history that plays a big part of the book, and we get the whole back story. 

The movie that takes place in the town has the same title as the title of the  book which is always a fun little thing when it happens. At the beginning we see that Catherine is treated like she is a werewolf around town. It is like an ongoing theme in the town. While I am not completely sure why they think that throughout the story we get information about her family history that it all ties together. 

While taking notes on the things I was thinking throughout the book all I kept writing was “woah plot twist” and “no way!” There was one plot twist that I knew was coming, but the fun was not in finding it out but in when Catherine was going to figure it out. I was on my toes trying to figure out if Catherine was going to piece it together yet. Other plot twists really took me by surprise!

I love a good plot twist and this book was full of a few! Especially with who Charles is, and Catherine’s ancestors. When they are filming the movie we get to see the scene actually acted out which is an amazing part to add in because some of what the movie is showing is actually happening and we see the characters actual reactions. It was a small detail but showed the emotion between the characters. 

I really enjoy how Catherine and Frank’s relationship was portrayed. Frank shows the abusive part of the relationship, but Catherine does not see it until the very end. This is really powerful because most people do not realize they are in an abusive relationship until way later which we see through how Catherine talks about Frank and their relationship. 

Lastly, the ending wraps everything up very nicely and it made my heart happy to see what happens to all the characters. It ended with everything explained, and pulled together nicely! The last thing I will say is that I tend to not read many books about werewolves since Twilight threw me off of it, but I really enjoyed the new spin off of werewolves. This book made me enjoy a new era of werewolf stories and books that I really found myself enjoying. I definitely recommend this to anyone that likes werewolf stories, enjoys plot twists, or likes a feel good book!

If you would like to keep up to date with Mari Hamill’s books and updates follow her on Goodreads linked above or on twitter @MariHamill


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