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Review of Battle for the Wastelands

This week I read Battle for the Wastelands by Matthew W Quinn. This post-apocalyptic book is full of friendships, the will to survive, the trust of an army, and a lot of battle. This book takes place after the Old World has been burned down and civilization has already started over.

While a drought has been going on battles between legions are breaking out. Andrew and his town of Carroll Town try to defend themselves against the powerful forces that are coming for them. The town falls before Andrew and he must fight in order to stay alive. 

This book shows all the combat that the characters are facing and what happens after the combat. Andrew is able to join forces with another army after the destruction of his own. He proves himself on and off the battlefield as a trustworthy companion. In a story of family, honor, and battle the reader sees the great lengths everyone is willing to go through to save their people.

To start my review the one thing that stood out to me the whole way through the book was the relationship between characters. We see so many people and so many relationships, whether they were family members or relationships, and each one was unique and believable. 

The chapters change the points of view quite a bit, but the reader knows exactly what point of view it is and it is not confusing at all. This adds a completely unique view throughout the book. We see what Andrew is doing and what he is thinking, we see what the flesheaters and Grendel’s army are thinking and what they are doing. This really gives all angles to the book. The reader is able to see all points of view and why each event happened the way it did for each side. I loved hearing the story from all points of view and being able to know what was going to happen and just waiting to see how the other side was going to respond. 

Now let’s get to the parts with all the battles. First, Carroll Town does not win the battle but they knew they wouldn’t be able to. I liked that it wasn’t easy for them and that they didn’t win, it would have been unrealistic if they did. Also, that we get everything that is happening in each battle. It is easier to visualize what is happening in each one. 

There are quite a few scenes with some violence that the characters inflict on others. While the reader does get descriptions of what is happening Quinn does not overdo it. We get enough to picture the scene but not too much that it will push it to the next level. This was very well done in many different places of the book. 

Also, such a small thing but Quinn is not afraid to kill off characters! This book has many battles and many rivals so the reader must prepare for people to die and just accept it from the beginning. 

The reader gets small clues throughout the book that lead up to slightly bigger things. I thought it was really cool how things added up. We would get a small tidbit and then later figure out what it meant or what was happening. The one I like the most is why Hank puts his lips a certain way when Andrew first met him. This one really stood out to me and took me back a little bit. 

The last thing I will point out which is mainly just for me is that my name is actually in the book! There is a town called Mary Grace and although I spell mine without a space and a lowercase “G” I was extremely excited. 

Anyways, I recommend this book for anyone that likes books based on what happens after our civilization, likes books with detailed battles, post-apocalyptic books, or likes a new era of Westerns. I definitely recommend this book for all readers to give a try though! The amazon link is at the top of this blog post! You can also keep up to date with Quinn here.


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