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Shadows of the Woods

Hi everyone! Today I am taking part in a book tour with Panther Publishing. I did get this book for free but that does not impact my opinions on it!

I am someone that loves to read thrillers but don’t find myself reading them often. Thompson makes this novel come to life in the creepest, but in the best way. As shadows come to life in the woods the reader is truly able to see all the shadows mannerisms, and visual perfectly every scene. 

The eerie feelings that I got from reading this book really stood out to me. As I live surrounded by woods I definitely could see some of the events happening. 

The characters have so much depth and are faced with so many obstacles. What I truly loved was that every character responded to the obstacles in completely different ways which made it so believable but also gives the reader more insight into each person. 

The level of shock that was brought up in each chapter and turn was unbelievable. The characters that we are meant to hate I did but in a way that I should. 

I have read multiple Stephan King and this book gave me that feeling. I could see the images coming to life right in front of me. As well as all the scenes with the people talking. Like I said earlier, the character’s mannerisms are so specific for themselves that I knew who was going to talk based on what actions were happening from the character.

I truly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to others. In all honesty, I could see myself rereading it!


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