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Murder by the Seaside

Hey everyone! I have another book review today by Brian Gee. Murder by the Seaside is an intense book following many people so let’s get to it!

We follow a few detectives, a couple, a young woman, and a few others. With each chapter being a different point of view we dive into the psyche of different people bringing their stories together.

All of the storylines interact with each other in some way or another and is done in a way that the ready is able to form the connections in their minds.

It did get to a point that I wasn’t sure how everything was going to tie together and how the ending would piece things together, but it did with a nice little bow on top.

I cannot give much with the plot because I really don’t want to give anything away but I can say that each person has a past and each past comes to play. We learn about each character more and more through their point of view as long as through other points of view which is such a unique and fun way to show it.

But to pull you all in! There is mystery, murder, relationships, humor and even more mystery! This book is a definite must read for those that love mysteries, and murder mysteries with more than one murder!


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