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Blog tour of Abberton House

This week I had the privilege of reading Abberton House by Debbie Ioanna. I am doing this review as part of a book tour. This means that I did receive this book for free, but it does not affect my opinions on the book.

Just to start out, it is getting close to Halloween and autumn and this story is an amazing way to start out the season. A part of this story takes place in 1916 and the other part takes place in 2016. The part of the story that takes place in 1916 is about a family that the husband is away at war, and when he returns his family is gone. There are rumors that the wife ran away with a younger man and took the children. 

The part that takes  place in 2016 is about a family that is just moving into the same house as the one in 1916. This family is hearing noises and things are moving around the house. They begin to see ghosts and believe that it is the family that lived there a hundred years ago. The family must find out what happened to the family and why the wife and kids just left.

I love ghost stories. I grew up close to a battle field and have always loved hearing the ghost stories that followed the town. This ghost story really pulls you in and makes you really feel the presence of the ghosts.

I will say that this story is not one to read at night, especially if you are alone. The ghosts feel so real in the book that you start to feel them outside of the book. 

The families themselves are so genuine. The family in 2016 are so close and are so understanding. I fell in love with how they treated each other, and how much the parents were willing to give things up for the daughter to feel safe in the house. The family in 1916 had a completely dynamic. They were trying to pull together and make-do while the husband was defending their country. They were still very close until a man got between the family. 

There is mystery that is growing throughout the whole story and it really pulls in the reader. The plot lines intertwine with each other so beautifully. We bounce back and forth between the two time periods so flawlessly. Once we see something pop up in the 2016 storyline we get the backstory in the next section in the 1916 storyline. It was so well done that we are seeing both sides of the story one right after the other. This lets the reader piece all the information together while it is unfolding before them.

I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put it down. I found myself guessing what was going to happen, and sometimes even looking over my shoulder when some of the ghosts came into the scene. I recommend this to anyone that likes ghost, supernatural stories, or wants to start the season with a good story.


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