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The Awakening of Claudia Faraday

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to review The Awakening of Claudia Faraday. I am a part of the book tour for this book. That means that I did receive this book for free, but it does not change my opinion on this book. 

Book Summary: 

    “It got better, in time, though to be truthful it always felt more of a duty than a pleasure: a little like homework, satisfying when over, and done well, but never exactly enjoyable. But then nobody had ever suggested it could be otherwise.”

This was the view of Claudia Faraday, 1920s respectable wife and mother of three, on the subject of sex. That is until an unexpected turn of events shakes her out of her torpor and propels her back into the world revitalised and reawakened, where she discovers, as Marie Stopes might have said: Approached in the right way, even homework can be fun. 

My review: 

Claudia Faraday is a woman living in scenile about the world around her. She is closed in to the lives that surround her just outside her house. She is a sophisticated woman that holds herself high and turns away at conversations that seem to be only for the person and their significant other.

When she stumbles upon many people that she knows that are actually homosexual, or are experimenting with their sexuality. All of these people are able to sit down with Claudia and help her understand where her mindset is very closed in. 

I loved how her friends and family were able to put their thoughts on love, sex, and relationships in a way that Claudia was able to process it little by little. They were all open to her questions and answered with complete honesty. This is so powerful. To be able to be open, and honest and to educate those around you is an amazing thing. 

Throughout the book the reader is able to see Claudia opening up more to how society has changed around her. She has changed her wardrobe, changed what she thought of love and her own relationship, and even has become more open in her sexuality as well as accepting others sexuality. 

The growth and development of not only Claudia but of her daughters and friends is also great to see. We see Claudia’s daughters grow in how they are able to explain and stand up to themselves against Claudia. They are also not willing to change how they want to live for anyone. They truly show how if you are happy no one else’s opinion on the topic really matters. 

The more Claudia realizes and understands her friends we see them develop as characters as well through Claudia’s eyes. They are able to be more upfront, and willing to have difficult conversations with Claudia so that she is able to understand them better and grow a better friendship in the meantime. 

This book is lighthearted, but still hits on important topics. I enjoyed reading this book and seeing how the characters handled all conversations thrown at them and how they developed through every page. 

Authors Bio:

Patsy Trench lives a quiet and largely respectable life in north London. Claudia’s story shows a side of her normally shy and reserved nature that is little known, even to her friends and acquaintances. Her previous books, about her family’s history in Australia, are entertaining and informative accounts of that country’s early colonial beginnings. She began writing late, and in a previous life she was an actress, scriptwriter, playscout, founder of The Children’s Musical Theatre of London and lyricist. When not writing books she emerges from her shell to teach theatre and organise theatre trips for overseas students. She is the grateful mother of two clever and grown-up children, and she is addicted to rag rugging and when current circumstances permit, fossicking on the Thames foreshore for ancient treasure.

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Twitter: @PatsyTrench 

Instagram: claudiafaraday1920

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