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Review for Clifford’s Baby

Today I will be writing a review for Clifford’s Baby by Denise M. Jones. I reviewed another one of her books, Ned Finally Died a little while ago. I will put the link to the review here.

 Denise M. Jones writes New Adult novels which is a genre I was very new to, so Jones really opened up this genre for me. It is such a fun genre to play around with. 

Jones includes pictures to each page with little text during the book. It gives it a lighthearted feel, but yet her books have deep meanings or touch on serious topics.

I would love to point out just how gorgeous the pages of this book are. I am attaching a page down below so that you can see how pretty they are. 

When reading Jones’ books you don’t feel like you’re reading. They take you to a specific event and you are thrown into the event. The book is also short, my edition had about 40 pages. It is a book that I read once, and went back and read again. 

Jones’ writing style is so unique and creative and it is just a great time to be included with her writing, and to be able to go on the journey’s of her characters. This book deals with a few messages (I am trying not to give anything away) that are serious topics but by the end of the book everything is wrapped up. 

This is a genre that I am sure many people haven’t heard about, so I strongly recommend everyone to read Denise M. Jones’ books to fully dive into this genre. You won’t regret it.


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