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Book Manifesto

Book Manifesto

  1. Books have the capability to change people’s lives
  2. Physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks all count as reading and should be looked at as equals
  3. Reading increases vocabulary
  4. Reading can help people fall asleep
  5. Judging people on the books or book genres that they read is a common concept that is not okay
  1. A single book can change a single person’s life, or it can change multiple people’s lives. It doesn’t matter what the book is trying to accomplish. Sometimes people feel a pull to one story, plot, or even character and they react so strongly that it can make them feel like they are not alone, or it can change how they view certain scenarios or people.
  2. No matter the form the reader uses in order to consume the book should not matter. Some people cannot read due to many reasons but they should still be able to consume books like everyone else. Ebooks are so much easier to travel with or just carry around with you so why shouldn’t it be viewed as reading if the person is still consuming the same book? No matter the form that people take to consume the book shouldn’t matter because they are still reading. Audiobooks trigger a different area of our brain when it comes to how we process it, but it uses the same process meaning that our brain is just as active with audiobooks.
  3. Reading forces readers to read words that they might not encounter any other way. The reader must then infer what the word means or look it up. This simple thing forces the reader to expand their vocabulary whether or not they realize it. It may not be a great amount of words but even one word is still learning.
  4. Reading relaxes the mind and also strains your mind in another way. Your brain is having to process what you are reading so that you can comprehend the plot, but it also strains your eyes making your eyes heavy. Reading also calms down the reader and will help with their breathing putting them in a calmer body environment. All of these things make it so that the reader is able to fall asleep faster.
  5. Juding people based on the books they read is like judging someone for the foods they eat, or the movies they watch. It honestly doesn’t make sense. Just because a genre or book is not something that you specifically like does not give you the right to judge someone because they like that genre or book. This to me is an elementary way of thinking. A way to put oneself on a pedestal and a way to think that they are better than someone else based on what their brain is consuming.

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