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Review of I Wish You All the Best

This week I will be reviewing I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver. This book is 329 pages and was published in May of 2019.

Ben has been hiding a big secret with who he is. When Ben comes out to their parents as nonbinary they kick Ben out of the house right away. Ben turns to Hannah, their sister, who Ben hasn’t seen in 10 years. 

Hannah helps Ben find a therapist, switch schools, buys them clothes, and helps Ben figure out who they are in a safe environment. Ben also has a best friend, Nathan, who is Ben’s first friend that their able to be themselves around and the reader sees their friendship grow into something more. 

I am completely obsessed with this book and just how Ben was able to grow as a person and be comfortable in their own skin. Ben grows so much from start to finish, and the reader connects to Ben and his emotional battle to figure out their life. 

The friendship that Nathan offers Ben is also completely unbelievable. They give each other a safe environment where they can talk about anything and just be themselves. When Ben tells Nathan that they are nonbinary Nathan’s reaction of understanding and acceptance was just what Ben needed to start opening up to other people. This also sparks the relationship between the two of them that was so sweet and endearing. 

The fact that Ben’s parents confront them after kicking them out was also such an important part of the book. Without getting kicked out Ben probably never would have found this niche of people, and probably would not have found themself as well as they did. It also really showed Ben just what their parents wanted from them, and it was great to see Ben stand their ground and fight for what was right for them. 

This book is so touching and it was such an uplifting book about finding oneself and reconnecting with people that you never thought you would. I truly recommend this book. Lastly, this book is supposed to be turning into a series and I can’t wait!


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