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Review of The Hashtag Killer

Hi everyone, today I am reviewing The Hashtag Killer by Andrew French as a part of a blog tour. 


Catch a killer or save a child. What would you do?

DI Jen Flowers thought she’d seen it all after fifteen years on the force, but when a vigilante serial killer hits the city and uses social media to gather supporters, she must fight the public and her doubts to catch a murderer and save her daughter. 

Suffering from blackouts and abandoned as a child by her father, Ruby Vasquez has been chasing that one scoop to make her an internet star. Living with an alcoholic mother who hates her, Ruby discovers a secret about the vigilante’s first victim, which puts her in the killer and DI Flowers’ sights. 

Jen and Ruby have to overcome the secrets in their past while battling each other to discover the Hashtag Killer’s identity. Jen will have to choose between keeping her daughter safe or finding a killer, while Ruby will need to decide if becoming famous is more important than doing the right thing. 

Book Review: 

To start this book has multiple points of view which I love, but this one starts out full force and it did take me a little bit to get used to it, but I did!

The story is very interesting in the way Ruby uses social media, and how the killer is also able to use social media for his plans. It really shows the impact of social media and just how easy it is to sway an audience. 

I really enjoyed the depth of Jen and her daughter and basically how Jen is able to change her outlook in order to be what her daughter needs her to be during this hard time. I think it is important to show what the daughter was going through and how Jen was able to put her daughter’s feelings in front. 

This book had a lot of plot twists that I really wasn’t expecting, and kept me guessing throughout the whole book. It definitely kept me on my toes which is great. This book really has mystery, as well as showing the pressure of people through social media which we see through Jen’s daughter, and even through Ruby as she is willing to do anything to become internet famous. 

This book has a lot of layers to it as we get so many people’s background stories but I think that that is pretty important since so many things make up murder investigations. 

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Author Bio: 

Andrew French is a man of no wealth and little taste. He lives amongst faded seaside glamour on the North East coast of England. He likes gin and cats but not together, new music and old movies, curry and ice cream. Slow bike rides and long walks to the pub are his usual exercise, as well as flicking through the pages of good books and the memoirs of bad people.

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