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Review of “The Amsterdam Affair”

We all love a good Christmas book to start off the holidays. I had the great opportunity to be a part of the book tour for Kate Frost’s “The Amsterdam Affair.”

This book is a very fast and light read. I read it in basically one sitting and flew right through it. As the best Christmas books are, this book is very uplifting and really gets you in the spirit. Straight from the beginning we see the main character, Iris’, willingness to do anything for the people she cares about. She moves to Amsterdam for her boyfriend that is very inconsiderate and does not care about her feelings in the matter.

While the move might not have been her choice, she finds the best in this situation, grows to love the environment, makes friends and makes a life for herself. When her boyfriend, Will, decides that he doesn’t like Amsterdam and wants to go back to the UK early Iris finally puts her foot down and stays in Amsterdam for the time being.

I have always wanted to see Amsterdam, and I feel that I was finally able to through this book. The scenery that Frost explains to the reader paints a vivid picture and really captures the holiday season in a place known for its beauty during Christmas.

Iris as the protagonist was amazing. We see her grow from someone that was practically living for someone else to someone that lives for herself and makes her own decisions. The fact that she is able to stand up to Will really shows her growth as a character and I am here for it.

This book had so much depth in the fact that Iris not only grows as a character but also we are looking at hard times in relationships, career choices, passions, and finding ones self. It touches on so many topics in such a short period of time and does it well. This book truly is a feel good book that will make the reader think in depth but still enjoy every second of it.

I recommend this book for anyone that loves Christmas books. For anyone that loves a feel good story where the protagonist grows as a person. For anyone that needs a fast-paced book. And lastly, for anyone that just needs a book to read.


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