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Review of Caper Crush

Today I will be reviewing Caper Crush by Kathy Strobos. This is the third book in the New York Friendship series, but you do not need to read them in order. Caper Crush is a romcom that has a slow-burn, enemies to lovers feel to it. And I am a sucker for enemies to lovers.

Cover of Caper Crush by Kathy Strobos

Strobos writes in a feel-good way which is perfect for a light summer read. Another aspect that I really enjoyed about this book is that it has a “whodunnit” concept to it as well with an art theft, which in my opinion made it so much better because it wasn’t focused just on the romance but touched on other plot points as well.

William and Miranda also just have so many layers as characters. I thought they were so well thought out and the reader really learns more and more about them as the story goes on. I love characters that aren’t exactly who you think they are at the beginning, and that is definitely William to a T!

The only thing that wasn’t my favorite, was that the ending was kind of abrupt, but other than that I truly loved this book. From the funny conversations the characters had, to the mystery of who took the art painting, and of course to the enemies to lovers experience between Miranda and William.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants a light romance, especially if they also enjoy mystery. This is the perfect book to be reading while sitting at the beach. I will definitely be checking out the rest of the books in the series!


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