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Review of Summer Showers at Elder Fell Farm

Happy Sunday! Today I will reviewing Summer Showers at Elder Fell Farm by Liz Taylorson.

This book is such a heartwarming book! Amy takes her son Harry to the lake for a getaway to escape the world around them. Between an ex husband, her son being accused of bullying and her mother recently passing, Amy needs to get away and put herself first.

Look how cute this cover is!

While on their getaway, Matt and his son Oliver (the kid Harry was bullying) show up at the lake. There is something pulling Amy to Matt though. Will she listen to her heart? Is this the time for a new beginning?

This book had just the perfect setting, a cute lake getaway where love can happen is such a great setting and it works so well! Also, the characters of the children is so interesting and I loved Harry throughout the whole book!

I also loved the idea that Amy is going back to where she went with her mother. I love the dynamic of that and the comfortable but saddening setting for Amy.

This is such a fast and fun read and I definitely recommend it if you are going to the lake, vacation, or need a nice lake vacation.


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