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Review of Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods

Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods blurb:

Winter has arrived in Primrose Woods bringing with it new loves, new adventures and warm hugs on cold days. Abbey Carter, her boyfriend Sam and their trusty canine companion Lady, relish living in the picturesque village of Wishwell at the edge of their beloved Primrose Woods. The woods and the country park are full of activity as the festive season approaches. Lizzie Baker is flat out at theTreetops café, serving all sorts of winter warmers, festive goodies and lashings of hot chocolate. And when her daughter and grandchildren arrive to stay, the run up to Christmas is set to be even more magical than she had expected.

Rhianna West has finally found the perfect man to fall in love with–if only Luke wasn’t moving away in the New Year. As the snow falls on Primrose Woods, and the village of Wishwell sparkles with Christmas lights, could this be the year that every wish comes true for the three friends?

Cover of Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods

My review:

I loved the Hallmark feel to this book. That is something that I seek out in my Christmas time books and I feel that this book captured it perfectly. A picturesque town that I can picture perfectly, a love story or a few(!), amazing main characters. It was everything I needed to start putting myself into the season spirit. I didn’t read the first book, but that didn’t stop me from reading and enjoying the second book.

The writing style seemed poetic at some points making for a super fast read which I also appreciate in Christmas setting books. I also enjoyed that we had multiple characters to follow just how you would have in a small town so that fully captured the small town living aspect of the book. I can’t wait to read the next one, and maybe I will jump back and read the first one!

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Author Bio –Jill Steeples is the author of many successful women’s fiction titles –most recently the Dog and Duck series –all set in the close communities of picturesque English villages. She lives in Bedfordshire. 

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