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Review of Summer Breeze

Hello! I am back again for a review of Summer Breeze by Angela Barton. I have been on a historical fiction kick since reading The Nightingale a few months ago, and so I was super excited to be able to be a part of this blog tour.

Cover of "Spring Breeze" by Angela Barton.

Book Blurb:

Paris, June 1940. The enemy has entered the city and Matilde Pascale hopes to sink into the shadows for the entirety of the war. However, when tragedy strikes it changes everything and Matilde focuses on revenge in order to fight back against the Nazis and their heinous crimes against humanity. But life sometimes takes a bizarre twist and it seems that love has a way of infiltrating the most impenetrable of boundaries. A common purpose drives two enemies into each other’s arms and together they discover the capacity of their combined strength.

My review:

Alrighty! I love a good World War II historical fiction so this book hit the spot in that aspect. Something that really stood out to me was just the way that Barton is able to perfectly describe what is going on around the characters. The scenery, the noises, the background is described so amazingly the reader truly is pulled into Paris from the first page.

Something that is really important to me when reading a historical fiction book is accuracy. I never once questioned if something was true or if the author was making something up for the plot. This book was so well researched that Barton never took me out of the time period. I was stuck in the 1940’s the whole time I was reading the book (which wasn’t too long because once I started I was fully immersed in this world).

Lastly, Barton did not shy away from hard topics in this book. We saw the hardships the characters faced, the hardships of the times, and never once was it sugarcoated or glanced over. Barton makes you face what these people actually faced during this time and really helped the reader understand the devastation, and what was a reality for most of the people back in that time. This is something that was really important for me for historical fiction, and it was done beautifully in this book. I truly enjoyed being with these characters and making myself look at this time in history and reflect.

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2 thoughts on “Review of Summer Breeze

  1. Thank you so much for reviewing Spring Breeze and being part of my book tour. I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading my book and I’m so grateful for your generous review. Angela x

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