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Review of Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods

Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods blurb: Winter has arrived in Primrose Woods bringing with it new loves, new adventures and warm hugs on cold days. Abbey Carter, her boyfriend Sam and their trusty canine companion Lady, relish living in the picturesque village of Wishwell at the edge of their beloved Primrose Woods. The woods and the country park are fullContinue reading “Review of Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods”

A review of “The Christmas Promise”

This week’s book was “The Christmas Promise” by Donna VanLiere, published in 2007. I stumbled upon this book last week when exploring a new library, and figured it would fit perfectly into my four weeks of Christmas books.  “The Christmas Promise” is a part of a series labeled “Christmas Hope Series”. This book is actuallyContinue reading “A review of “The Christmas Promise””

A review of “His Christmas Wish”

To continue my Christmas season reviews I read “His Christmas Wish” by Melissa Melissa McClone. This book starts with a short prologue that without reading the events in the book won’t have as big of an impact on the rest of the book. The prologue also starts the book in a suspenseful way and IContinue reading “A review of “His Christmas Wish””

Review of “Christmas by the Lighthouse”

This is my first book for the four Christmas books I will be reviewing. My first book is “Christmas by the Lighthouse” by Rebecca Boxall. This book was released September 12, 2019 by Lake Union Publishing. Rebecca Boxall is known for her Christmas books; this book was her fifth with the other four all beingContinue reading “Review of “Christmas by the Lighthouse””