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Review of Luna the Lone Wolf

This week I read Luna the Lone Wolf by Forest Wells. It was such a cool concept and I can’t wait to share the review with you guys!

Luna is the pup of Toltan, the alpha of the pack, and Luna is destined to take over after him but there are other pups from his litter that are destined to not let that happen. As Luna is proving himself to the pack he is constantly standing up to his other brothers in order to keep his stance against them as the one to take over for Toltan.

While Luna is still trying to be dominant to his brothers the pack starts to hear a very weird thunder-like noise from not too far from their den and hunting grounds. Luna finds himself with other members of his pack trying to find out what exactly the sound is, but find themselves in the presence of dead wolves surrounded by dead rats, but when they try to get the dead reats metal mouths clamp down on them. Do you see where this is going? 

When they all get home, one of Luna’s brothers tries to attack him and his brother does not make it out of the fight and Luna is sentenced to live out the rest of his life as a lone wolf to never have company of any other wolf. As Luna is in solitude he finds out what the thunder-like noise is and what the metal mouths are and finds who is in control of them. He finds himself with a pack himself of some misfits that hunt well together.

I can’t summarize much more because I really don’t want to give anything away. I truly enjoyed this story so much. This whole book is told through the perspective of a wolf, but right off the bat the reader is pulled into the story by the simplest thing like hunting. There are so many details including how the wolves ears move and what each movement of the ears mean. Wells gives so many descriptions that are amazing that you know exactly what the wolf is thinking and doing even if you don’t know much about wolves you will still understand all of their emotions. 

Also, each wolf has such detailed descriptions of how they look and I think that makes it so realistic since not all wolves look the same and they all have distinctive features to themselves. It was such a cool detail to add in and really helped the reader throughout the book. 

So a small spoiler but Luna ends up finding humans that are hunting right by where he is (sorry for the spoiler), but even though when Luna first sees them he has no idea what they are the way that it is described through Luna’s confusion gives everything away to the reader. I thought it was amazing how even through the very unique descriptions the reader will know Luna is talking about humans from what the humans do and have with them. 

A small detail that I liked was that when Luna sees people from his past he doesn’t recognize them at first. It takes him awhile to figure out who they are since they have all grown up since the last time he saw them and I thought that was a small touch that made it so realistic. 

Throughout the book you really feel for all the wolves, either it be sadness for them, hope for them, or even hatred for them. You fall so far into the book with how detailed and realistic it is and it’s kind of fun to cheer against the humans for once. This book is so good and I would definitely recommend reading it, and I can’t wait to read the next book. 

I lost myself in this book and really did not know how it was going to end or how Luna was going to get out of some situations. The ending was also very nice and really pulled everything together to make a perfect ending.  

Check out Forest Wells website here for some really cool information about himself and about wolves! Also, follow him on twitter at @ForestWellsDen 


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