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The Guilty Wife Book Tour

Hi everyone! I have had the amazing opportunity to read The Guilty Wife by Nina Manning. This is a psychological thriller that has soooo many twists and turns.

Frankie is struggling with a lot in her life, her marriage, her new job, and a past that haunts her everyday but especially this year on the twentieth anniversary.

Her past comes up in every aspect of her life, but as the anniversary comes near Frankie is left items at her house and work that shows that she isn’t the only one dealing with the past.

This book has a lot of characters and each one has a lot of depth and the mannerisms are so well thought out and planned it was amazing. This book goes back and forth between the present day and twenty years ago. I think this is such a fun way to show the past and the present day. When it came to Frankie I think the chapters from the past were so helpful. It showed who she was back then but also why she was acting the way she was with the anniversary coming up. I loved going back in time also because the reader was able to see a completely different side to Frankie.

I was completely left guessing the whole way through the book. There was so much mystery, so much betrayal, so much to take in. The book was so well written that I did not want it to end. I enjoyed the whole book and the way that it surprised me at every turn and made me second guess everything I was thinking. It was completely brilliant with how all the little details added up to produce such an amazing ending that I did not see coming in the slightest bit.

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys psychological thriller, or just needs a good mystery. This book definitely threw me for a look multiple times and I cannot wait for others to read this book. If you read this book please let me know, I would love to fangirl it with you!

To buy the book use the link here!

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